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Printed Medcial Gloves


Linkedin Mediglove

£11.50 plus vat and del per Bag

Business Location Sussex House Forest Row East Sussex RH18 5PA England United Kingdom

Mediglove a UK registered Company 01342 824715

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Medigloves printed

Disposable Pre printed

NITRILE Non Sterile Examination   Gloves

 Non Latex - Powder Free

01342 824715

Save Time save a Life

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Medical gloves for single use. Test Report No. PPE 252693(1)/SM/18 Date: 23 May 2018 EN 455-1:2000 Part 1: EN 455-2:2015 Part 2: EN 455-3:2015 Part 3: 


January 05, 2018

Mediglove Examination Gloves


January 05, 2018

Medigloves are Ambidextrous and  printed on both sides.  

Mediglove can be used in dry and wet conditions. 

Latex FREE.  50 Gloves per pack. UK Company Mediglove Ltd 

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Printed Medical Gloves
Printed Medical Gloves
Printed Medical Gloves UK

About Me . Instructor First aid - Paediatrics & Trauma - Instructor Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Member British Heart Foundation & Association of First Aiders.

Qualsafe Awards Training Centre - Worksafe Training Instructor - Prism Brain Mapping &  NLP Practitioner

Certified Royal College of Surgeon FPOS 3 FPOS 4 Medicine In Remote Areas  - CitizenAid Anti Terrorist Trainer 

Emergency services 14 years operational - Army Bomb Disposal

Printed Medigloves
Printed Medigloves


2015 Whilst training to be a Remote Medic

How did it all start

 14 years involved with training Hostile Environment Awareness Training, clients going to Disaster & War zones.

14 Years Operational Front Line Emergency Services & Rescue.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal "Bomb Disposal" IED's Specialist.

Part of my training in Hereford with  Exmed medical training for my MIRA Medicine In Remote Areas involved multiple casualties and no method of recording except your gloves. After three or more patients there was little room for any more information. After the event it was especially tricky to work out which piece of information related to each specific person & injury. That's how Mediglove started.

Printed Medigloves
Mediglove Printed Medical Gloves
Printed Medigloves

MIRA FPOS 3 FPOS Certified by Royal College of Surgeons


Pre Printed - Nitrile - Powder Free Gloves


50 Gloves per bag

Ambidextrous - Printed both sides


Non Sterile Nitrile Gloves 100% Latex Free


SIZE    S   M   L   XL

0134282 4715 


Mediglove Printed Medical Gloves
Mediglove Printed Medical Gloves
Mediglove Printed Medical Gloves
Mediglove Printed Medical Gloves
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